what is capco?

Impact Partners co-manages the Aegis Alabama Venture Fund L.P. We provide CAPCO financing to Alabama based companies seeking an alternative to conventional bank financing. Impact Partners has the unique ability to accommodate slightly higher risk profiles that are pursuing growth and expansion

Do i qualify?

Alabama companies being considered for CAPCO financing must meet the eligibility requirements established by the State listed below:

  • Company headquartered in Alabama or will be relocated to Alabama
  • Principal business operations in Alabama or will be relocated to Alabama
  • Have no more than 100 full-time employees, and either
  • 80% of employees are in Alabama; or
  • 80% of payroll is paid to employees in Alabama.
  • Industries that qualify for CAPCO financing include: Manufacturing, processing, or distribution, and technology. Companies also qualify include conducting research and development, and providing services (other than banking, legal, healthcare services, lobbying or political consulting, insurance, real estate, retail, accounting, and part-time businesses)