Harvard Business PUBLISHING

Impact Partners helped us expand the English version of Harvard Business Review into Europe and Africa.

While HBR had had a lot of success in the United States with the English version of the magazine, and had made multiple deals throughout the world for translated versions, we had not penetrated many countries that were speaking more and more English with the English version. Impact helped us develop a strategy to start expanding the English version into Europe and Africa. Africa was a very new continent for us (in fact, we didn’t have any translated versions there), but Africa’s growth was starting to demand management information and we wanted to reach areas throughout the continent that were underpenetrated by print and management education.

Impact’s work was clear, concise, and knowledgeable. They were a pleasure to work with. While it has taken longer than intended to start selling within the African continent, it has been more a problem with distribution than strategy. We would work with Impact again.

          - Hallett Johnson, Harvard Business Publishing, Chief Marketing Officer


SAIIA Construction

Impact has worked with me as a trusted advisor on various projects. There are very few people I would trust to handle such projects.

- Jody Saiia


One of our clients engaged Impact to assist with a large and complex turnaround. Our client’s company was in serious distress. Their debt structure was complex due to multiple lenders, collateralization complexities, and Internal Revenue Service issues. Impact has handled this challenge in an exemplary manner, and I highly recommend them for turnaround services, negotiations, business growth, and any matters that involve complex transactions.

- Bruce Rogers, Partner, Bainbridge, Mims, Rogers, & Smith


Redmont Partners

To Whom it may concern,

My Partner's and I found ourselves in the unenviable position of having to shut down and liquidate our failed company in 2007. This is something we had never experienced before.

We were referred to Impact Solutions, and the Principals of Impact Solutions immediately began to guide us and coach us through this difficult time.

Impact Solutions helped us to achieve the goals we set to close our business and get the best financial arrangement we strived for. Impact gave our partnership the guidance and assistance that we needed in an extremely stressful and difficult business development. They met with our bankers and helped formulate the plan. They worked directly with the liquidation process to help maximize our return. They provided necessary advice so we could address all aspects of our closure.

I would highly recommend Impact Solutions for any Business Advisory solution and would be available to further discuss Impact Solutions.

- Wilmer Poyner, Partner 


"Impact Partners helped us to learn so much about ourselves, our company that was instrumental to our progress at that time and adds value to us ever day. Every entrepreneur needs good honest feedback and relationships, we are happy to have them included in our advisory team, and we believe that they created and continue to create value for us."

Robin Hunt, CEO and Founder of ThinkData

Garner Stone

“My company, Garner Stone, was only weeks away from bankruptcy when my accounting firm recommended Impact Solutions.

Impact came in and immediately began to make changes, both fiscally and procedurally. They looked at all aspects of my business and we discussed changes. They worked alongside with me to make these changes.

Within 8 months I went from losing hundreds of thousands of dollars to making a profit. Impact showed us a plan to succeed and would not let me stray from that plan. They worked with managers to become better at their jobs and they made me accountable for all aspects of the company.

I am certain that they saved my company from closing. They made me feel as though I had a partner and that they were as interested in my business as I was. They would not allow me to fail.”

- Rodger Garner, Garner Stone

Net Meet Street

“We engaged the services of Impact based largely on what they offered to do for us in the way of helping open doors and get in front of high level decision makers.

We recently completed the first round of meetings that Impact set up for us… we are now following up on these meetings – these meetings went better than I could have imagined or dreamed they would. Two out of the three calls gave us specific projects to work on, on the spot, and the third is now in the process of connecting us with the correct division head to speak with.

There is no doubt that it was the fact that we were introduce by Impact – and the instant credibility and respect that this engenders – that gave us the access to the right decision makers, and gave those decision makers the confidence to move forward as quickly as they have with us.

Impact’s role, of course, was not just limited to introductions. In addition to this, they have provided astute insights on how to position the company.

I recommend Impact’s services enthusiastically to any who are considering hiring them.”

- Marc Camporeale, CEO Net Meet Street, Inc.